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Trinity Bioscience

With coverage throughout the United States, Trinity Bioscience are leaders in regenerative cell therapy. Dedicated to bringing the latest breakthroughs in science coupled with the power of nature, we’ve helped hundreds of patients reclaim their lives and their health.

We are providing our patients with renewed hope.

Our mission is to bring a high level of safer and effective therapies that promote natural healing in the body to our patients throughout the United States. With a coverage area of numerous states and a great team of medical experts, we are a leading provider of regenerative tissue transplants to enhance cushioning, structural support, and viscosity for joint injuries.

We know that deciding on medical care is a big choice, and that’s why our team at Trinity Bioscience puts safety and quality first with the therapies we offer. Our patient-first motto is why we offer free educational seminars to provide you and your loved ones with the information you need to make the best decision for your health care.

While many of our patients have experienced incredible results with regenerative joint therapy, results will vary from patient to patient.








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